Michelle E. Brown

Let me clue
you in.

Who Is This Girl?

With a slight obsession with Coca-cola, I always have a glass bottle on hand. Graduating from Bowling Green State University in May of 2014 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design, I am proud of all of the things I have learned within the past 4 years.

I enjoy the small things in life, the smell of rain, being barefoot, and sitting in a hammock on a warm sunny day. Being outdoors is a great thing, but also being in on a computer, completing a piece of work is a beautiful thing.

When it comes to work, craft is a beautiful thing, and I chose Graphic Design because of the way it informs an audience. I am a jack of many trades and am not afraid to learn more about a subject that I do not know much about.

Are you impressed?